15 Nov

Holiday Flavors are here!!!

With Christmas quickly approaching I thought we’d share the story of our holiday flavors.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and time of year. I love the chance to celebrate Christ’s birth and remember Him. I love the way people seem to be a little kinder. I love the excitement of Christmas morning with a houseful of kids.I love the secrets as everyone is finding the perfect gift for that someone special.  I love the music, decorations, and the lights. I love the smells of cooking goodies together as a family then delivering them to friends and neighbors.  Fudge was always on the list of goodies to make.


Chocolate Peppermint is the perfect taste of Christmas. The peppermint of candy canes and milk chocolate fudge. I’ve always felt that chocolate and peppermint should just be one flavor so to do them together just seems natural.

Another holiday flavor for me is eggnog. I LOVE eggnog. I could drink the whole quart myself. We first tried using eggnog to make the fudge but found for various reasons that wasn’t working. So when I found the perfect flavoring we went that way. We top it off with a sprinkle of nutmeg.


Yup it’s the holiday season and you can find it packaged up in our ‘Unwrap the Season’ Collection.


It comes with the Peppermint Chocolate Fudge, Eggnog Fudge, Milk Chocolate Fudge and Chocolate Orange Fudge. All the flavors of Christmas wrapped up in a package ready for sharing. But it is only available from Oct-Dec.

Sending the Christmas spirit to everyone all year around.


28 Sep

Chocolate + Caramel + Pecans = Delicious!

I love caramel. I have a hard time not eating it all at once. I love the chocolates that have pecans and caramel. If my hubby gets a gift certificate for fancy chocolates he always gets a couple of ‘turtle’ ones for me.

A few years back on a Thanksgiving weekend we had all the family together. We made a pan of fudge and a pan of caramel, set them on the counter to cool and went downstairs to watch a movie. After a while we discovered 2 of our granddaughters were not there (I’m thinking they were around 4 years old). They were discovered sitting on the counter each with a spoon eating fudge and caramel together.  They loved it together just like Grandma. I just wish we had taken a picture.

The first boutique we did a layered fudge with caramel, it was a hit but was messy. I was not really pleased with it so didn’t do it the next year. I have a sweet neighbor that asked every time I see her if we are ever going to do it again. Last year I decided it was time.

Recipe #1 – epic fail.

Recipe #2 – better but not there yet.

Recipe #3 – really close, I’m pretty sure I knew what I needed to tweek.

Recipe #4 – A WINNER!!!  Turtle Fudge finally.


Now you are thinking ‘what did they do with all that failed fudge’. It was all edible just not up to my standards so some went to work with my hubby (construction guys loved it and didn’t have problems eating multiple tubs), we shared it with friends and family. I also don’t do a full recipe when creating but we had a lot.

If you love caramel and chocolate check out our ‘Nutty for You’ Collection where you will find our Turtle Fudge


Or you can add it to your “Uniquely Yours’ Collection

16 Sep

Milk Chocolate Fudge, you asked and we listened

For us fudge was made with semi sweet chocolate. Sometimes we did it plain and sometimes we added nuts. I didn’t think to make a milk chocolate till many requests. We listen to our customers and ‘do you have a milk chocolate?’ was asked over and over.  So to the kitchen and….


… our Creamy Milk Chocolate Fudge was ‘born’.

It has become our number one selling fudge. We are glad you let us know what you would like. We love suggestions. Some become fudge flavors but sometimes we get one that doesn’t work. In our family we have some who prefer milk, some prefer dark and some if it’s chocolate then it’s perfect.

You can find our Milk Chocolate Fudge in our Classy Collection.

Grandma Nona's Handcrafted-Gourmet-Fudge-Classy-Collection

Remember we also have a Uniquely Yours Collection which is 4 tubs of your choice of flavors. You could do all four milk or any combination of flavors.


Also watch for it in our ‘Unwrap the Season’ Holiday Collection which will be available starting in October. Is has a couple flavors only offered at this time of the year.

09 Sep

Where did Coconut Paradise begin?

We knew we needed more than one or two different kinds of fudge for a boutique so with suggestions from my dear hubby we decided to try a coconut one. He loves Almond Joys. Fudge for me has always been chocolate so we decided we could do it in layers.

Starting with our basic fudge then creating a white chocolate fudge with coconut. Luckily my girls cook and told me of a very fine unsweetened coconut. Perfect for a coconut fudge and so it began. Putting our fudge with walnuts on the bottom then topping it with a white chocolate fudge filled with coconut.  I was happy with it.


Now to see what others thought…  I love giving out samples and watching people’s faces as they take a taste. I hold my breath hoping a smile comes next. Well with this one the smiles came. It was a winner! People loved it and still do. It is one of our top sellers.


With both coconut and walnuts it definitely belongs in our ‘Nutty for You’ collection.

20 Jul

Vote for Your Favorite Fudge Flavor

website banner contest

The race is on! #Vote for your favorite flavor and #EnterToWin a four pack of the winners! To enter simply LIKE our FACEBOOK page,  visit our website and pick your favorite flavor of #fudge then go to Facebook and comment with your choice. If you’d like an extra entry, share our Facebook post. The winner will be randomly selected on August 1, 2016.
Must be located in the lower 48 states. Facebook is not affiliated with this contest in any way. One winner will receive one tub of each of the top four flavors. Participants can earn one entry for voting and one entry for sharing. Contest ends at 12:00pm (MST) on July 31, 2016.