19 Jul

Summer Celebrations

This is a fun and busy time of year for our family. We love celebrating the 4th of July with parades, BBQs, and of course fireworks. But it doesn’t stop here. We also celebrate the 24th of July. This is Utah’s big celebration, the day the pioneers came into the Salt Lake Valley back in 1847.

We live in a valley with lots of small towns so we each take a holiday for our town to celebrate. The 24th of July is celebrated in Spring City and Fairview. Since the 24th is on Sunday Fairview choose to celebrate this week and Spring City will on Mon. the 25th. We get to go to both this year!

Fairview has this week starting Thurs a Kids Rodeo, Fri the Main Rodeo, and Sat is the Demolition Derby. We have a booth at all of these so you can enjoy some fudge while enjoying the evening.

On Mon. our family will be busy spending the day together starting with the Fireman’s Breakfast at the fire station. I love that they fix breakfast for the family since most will be here this year.

24th of July Parade

Then the parade down Main Street. Our parade has been nicknamed ‘The Candy Parade’ since everyone throws candy. We are super excited as we are going to have a float in the parade. Watch for us as the grandkids get to throw candy this year.



After the parade is games in the park for everyone. Then we spend the rest of the day as a family at home. Water games, 4 wheeler rides, hot dogs and marshmallows over the fire.

Check out Facebook for pictures as we make our float, we are so excited!

12 Jul

Mint Chocolate’s Story

We have a local craft fair every year in Nov. We thought ‘let’s see if people really do like our fudge and would pay for it’. So the journey began.

We knew we needed more than just one kind of fudge to make it worth our efforts so we decided to do a homemade candy store. We made our family’s favorite caramel popcorn, kettle corn, chocolate caramel dipped pretzels, suckers, dipped marshmallows and fudge. Next we thought we’d create a few different fudges. On goes the thinking caps.

And Mint Chocolate Fudge was created.

Grandma Nona's Handcrafted-Gourmet-Mint-Chocolate-Fudge

I love mint sandwiches so I thought why not recreate this as fudge. I love the layers and wanted to keep that part. At first we tried to do three layers and it wasn’t working as expected so we decided on two. We were pouring it into a 9X13 pan and cutting into squares to sell so the two layers were easier to spread in the pan as we wanted.

The bottom being the creamy chocolate fudge with mint flavoring topped with a creamy mint fudge. I think mint and chocolate should just always be together.  I also like a soft mint so we use a creme de menthe flavor which is the perfect combination. It was a hit and has continued to be one of our more popular flavors.

You can find it in our ‘Keeping it Classy’ Collection or add it to your ‘Uniquely Yours’ Collection

Grandma Nona's Handcrafted-Gourmet-Fudge-Classy-Collection

10 Jun

Our Story

I decided I needed to tell you a little about me and how Grandma Nona’s came to be.

I was one of 6 kids growing up. My mom is an amazing cook. She cooked from scratch all the time. I remember TV Dinners being a new thing and we would beg and beg to have her let us eat one. When she finally did it was awful. All I remember is the mashed potatoes tasted like tin. But we ate them, we preferred mom’s cooking.

Unfortunately I didn’t get my mom’s love of cooking for her family, But I loved making desserts. Any sweet treat from pies to cakes to candy I didn’t care. So she taught me how to make the best pies and candy. Cakes are a different story, Betty Crocker and I are best friends in that department.

I still prefer cooking dessert over dinner any day, but I’ve found my hubby and kids are happier when they are not hungry. So I had this amazing idea one day.

A look in the past.

We have 6 girls so when the oldest was around 16 and the youngest was 4 (this picture was before then) I assigned each of them a day of the week. They were to decide, cook, and clean up dinner that day. That meant I helped the 2 youngest and only had one night to worry about hoping there would be leftovers). It was perfect till they started leaving home. But when they come to visit they cook.

Anyways back to the story. My hubby loves chocolate, chocolate in any form. I would make fudge and caramel for Christmas every year. He would then let me know I could make fudge whenever I wanted. He’s happy he gets it all year now. Our fudge was the Double Chocolate with Walnuts.


I would make it in a 9X13 pan and cut as you wanted a piece. Always reminding them it was fudge and not brownies the pieces should be smaller.

It is fun sharing with others our love for both chocolate and our fudge. It has been fun creating new flavors and ideas with my girls.  In the next few months I will share more of our story and how each new flavor came to be.

Till next time…


03 May

Mother’s Day Spa Gift Idea

With Mother’s Day just a few days a way we have a quick and easy gift idea.

All Things Mom

Find a cute bowl that reminds you of Mom and fill it with lotion, candle,  bath salts and Fudge Flowers. Her own personal spa package.

We found a great recipe for making your own bath salts on By Brittany Goldwyn DIY and Simple Living Blog. We put the bath salts in a cute honey jar that comes with it’s own scoop.

Bath Salts

Now order a couple of your mom’s favorite fudge flavors to make flowers. You can find the template and tutorial for the Fudge Flowers on our blog here.  Don’t forget some yummy smelling lotion and candle too.

Remember to order your fudge today so you’ll have it in time to give Mom on Sunday.

02 May

Gardening Mom

If your mom loves working in the dirt and getting her hands dirty this is for you.

Perfect for the gardener in your life, with a touch of sweetness.

Perfect for the gardener in your life, with a touch of sweetness.

Gather some of the gardening essentials such as new gloves (I love the feel of new gloves), a few packets of her favorite flower or veggie seeds, new gardening tools, and of course some fudge flowers to sweeten the collection.  You can find the template to the flowers on the  blog post Fudge Flowers for Mom.

Find a basket that she can use to bring in her veggies or cut flowers later in the summer, fill with the items you found and If you promise to help weed she might even share with you 🙂