28 Sep

Chocolate + Caramel + Pecans = Delicious!

I love caramel. I have a hard time not eating it all at once. I love the chocolates that have pecans and caramel. If my hubby gets a gift certificate for fancy chocolates he always gets a couple of ‘turtle’ ones for me.

A few years back on a Thanksgiving weekend we had all the family together. We made a pan of fudge and a pan of caramel, set them on the counter to cool and went downstairs to watch a movie. After a while we discovered 2 of our granddaughters were not there (I’m thinking they were around 4 years old). They were discovered sitting on the counter each with a spoon eating fudge and caramel together.  They loved it together just like Grandma. I just wish we had taken a picture.

The first boutique we did a layered fudge with caramel, it was a hit but was messy. I was not really pleased with it so didn’t do it the next year. I have a sweet neighbor that asked every time I see her if we are ever going to do it again. Last year I decided it was time.

Recipe #1 – epic fail.

Recipe #2 – better but not there yet.

Recipe #3 – really close, I’m pretty sure I knew what I needed to tweek.

Recipe #4 – A WINNER!!!  Turtle Fudge finally.


Now you are thinking ‘what did they do with all that failed fudge’. It was all edible just not up to my standards so some went to work with my hubby (construction guys loved it and didn’t have problems eating multiple tubs), we shared it with friends and family. I also don’t do a full recipe when creating but we had a lot.

If you love caramel and chocolate check out our ‘Nutty for You’ Collection where you will find our Turtle Fudge


Or you can add it to your “Uniquely Yours’ Collection

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