16 Sep

Milk Chocolate Fudge, you asked and we listened

For us fudge was made with semi sweet chocolate. Sometimes we did it plain and sometimes we added nuts. I didn’t think to make a milk chocolate till many requests. We listen to our customers and ‘do you have a milk chocolate?’ was asked over and over.  So to the kitchen and….


… our Creamy Milk Chocolate Fudge was ‘born’.

It has become our number one selling fudge. We are glad you let us know what you would like. We love suggestions. Some become fudge flavors but sometimes we get one that doesn’t work. In our family we have some who prefer milk, some prefer dark and some if it’s chocolate then it’s perfect.

You can find our Milk Chocolate Fudge in our Classy Collection.

Grandma Nona's Handcrafted-Gourmet-Fudge-Classy-Collection

Remember we also have a Uniquely Yours Collection which is 4 tubs of your choice of flavors. You could do all four milk or any combination of flavors.


Also watch for it in our ‘Unwrap the Season’ Holiday Collection which will be available starting in October. Is has a couple flavors only offered at this time of the year.

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