12 Jul

Mint Chocolate’s Story

We have a local craft fair every year in Nov. We thought ‘let’s see if people really do like our fudge and would pay for it’. So the journey began.

We knew we needed more than just one kind of fudge to make it worth our efforts so we decided to do a homemade candy store. We made our family’s favorite caramel popcorn, kettle corn, chocolate caramel dipped pretzels, suckers, dipped marshmallows and fudge. Next we thought we’d create a few different fudges. On goes the thinking caps.

And Mint Chocolate Fudge was created.

Grandma Nona's Handcrafted-Gourmet-Mint-Chocolate-Fudge

I love mint sandwiches so I thought why not recreate this as fudge. I love the layers and wanted to keep that part. At first we tried to do three layers and it wasn’t working as expected so we decided on two. We were pouring it into a 9X13 pan and cutting into squares to sell so the two layers were easier to spread in the pan as we wanted.

The bottom being the creamy chocolate fudge with mint flavoring topped with a creamy mint fudge. I think mint and chocolate should just always be together.  I also like a soft mint so we use a creme de menthe flavor which is the perfect combination. It was a hit and has continued to be one of our more popular flavors.

You can find it in our ‘Keeping it Classy’ Collection or add it to your ‘Uniquely Yours’ Collection

Grandma Nona's Handcrafted-Gourmet-Fudge-Classy-Collection

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