Our Story

CLIPART-Stacked-Tubs-1At Grandma Nona’s all of our fudges are handcrafted in Grandma’s kitchen. We’ve taken our passion for great homemade candy and created the richest, smoothest fudge in the Rocky Mountains. We first sold our handcrafted fudge at a craft fair in Spring City, Utah, 3 years ago.  When people started asking for more, we began selling at other craft fairs in the area. We keep expanding our sales area to new fairs and farmer’s markets, as well as selling wholesale to restaurants and stores.  We’ve also been expanding our fudge to include new flavors and seasonal favorites. All of our fudges are gluten free. We package our fudge in a convenient 4 oz container  that is perfect for sharing, or even more perfect for keeping all to yourself. Our fudges keep at room temperature for a few days and can be frozen for up to 6 months.