09 Sep

Where did Coconut Paradise begin?

We knew we needed more than one or two different kinds of fudge for a boutique so with suggestions from my dear hubby we decided to try a coconut one. He loves Almond Joys. Fudge for me has always been chocolate so we decided we could do it in layers.

Starting with our basic fudge then creating a white chocolate fudge with coconut. Luckily my girls cook and told me of a very fine unsweetened coconut. Perfect for a coconut fudge and so it began. Putting our fudge with walnuts on the bottom then topping it with a white chocolate fudge filled with coconut.  I was happy with it.


Now to see what others thought…  I love giving out samples and watching people’s faces as they take a taste. I hold my breath hoping a smile comes next. Well with this one the smiles came. It was a winner! People loved it and still do. It is one of our top sellers.


With both coconut and walnuts it definitely belongs in our ‘Nutty for You’ collection.

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